League Play

Free to learn and play the game!
Every Thursday 3:30pm-5:30pm.

The Gym leader can register your Pokemon Player ID into the league at pokemon.com so that you may earn free rewards!

Let's have fun as we train our Pokemon!


Every Friday 7-10pm.

At 7 pm there will be an optional Expanded/Standard  tournament

$5 entry fee

League Cup

Statesville League Cup

April 4th - 10 - 11am Registration

Cost is $15  - Standard Format

Please eat lunch before the tournament begins. Don't  battle on an empty stomach due to no lunch break during tournament.  

$15 entry fee-this includes participation pack.

Limited to 54 players

In order to preregister, go to our contact us page and send a messge with your name, player ID, and date of birth.


 Pokemon Pre-release

April 18th - 11:30AM & 2:15PM Reg;

April 25th - 11:30AM & 2:15PM Reg

Cost is $25; $20 for each additonal time attended

 Please eat lunch before you get here or swing into a nearby place so you don't battle on an empty stomach!

$25 entry fee which includes your Prerelease kit and packs for participating!

League Challenge

February 21st

Expanded Format

Registration takes place from

6 pm to  7 pm

$5 entry fee

Pokemon Buy List

Zacian V, Snorlax V, Snorlax VMAX, Lapras V, Lapras VMAX, Indeedee V, Zamazenta V, Tapu Koko V, Keldeo V, Stonjourner V, Stonjourner VMAX, Reshiram Charizard GX, Pikachu Zekrom GX, Gardevoir Sylveon GX, Zeraora GX, Dedenne GX,  Shrine of Punishment, Jirachi (Team Up), Blacephalon GX, Ditto Prism Star, Fiery Flint,  Raichu Alolan & Raichu GX, Mew & Mewtwo GX,  Custom Catcher, Arceus Palkia Dialga GX, Espeon Deoxys GX, Victini Prism,  & Charizard & Braixen GX

We will consider buying Full Art and Secret Rare of any pokemon or trainer